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the fast▓-developing mobile internet, said Ma Shicong, a new m▓edia analyst at consultancy Analysys."Short video is proving to be the next global▓ trend in terms of mobile entertainment. AI▓-powered recommendation mechanism is adding a st

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re▓am to Chinese players, whose technologies are already world-leading," Ma said.Meanwhile, Chinese companies should be wary of potential hurdle▓s derived from cultural, religious and pol▓itical differences as they step up their pace o

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growing Chinese marketU.S. St▓arbucks eyes business expansion in fast-growing Chinese market03-26-2018 18:56 BJTSAN FRANCISCO, ▓March 25 (Xinhua) -- Major U.S. coffee chain operator Starbucks has full confidence that China will fundamen

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tally change the company as the country has grown in▓to Starbucks' second-largest and fastest-growing market, Starbucks CEO Kevin Johnson said Sunday.In the first-quarter (Q1) 2018 Earnings Conference Call of the American coffee house chain, Johnson said that China has become his company's fastest growing market▓ in Q1, with 6 percent growth driven entirely by increased transactions and 30 percent revenue growth."Our business in

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China has emerged as a growth driver that is rapidly mo▓ving us beyond our long-standing dependence on our

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d almos▓t twice the size of the total U.S. population," Johnson noted.Starbucks has an ambitious strategy

elerating from 73.9 percent in 2016 to 45.9 ▓percent this

in the promising Chinese market as it works hard to penetrate the world's second largest▓ economy by addin

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g more locations, with its premium Roastery and Reserve brands.In December, Starbucks opene▓d a Roastery lo

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cation in Shanghai, an economic and▓ financial hub in east China, its second after the one in ▓Seattle in Wa

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he highest grossing Starbucks store ▓in the world, averaging more than double the number of transactions of

on, going overseas is a good choice to optimize their resour ces, enhance t heir user base a nd enrich their co ntent▓ offeri ngs," said Nei l Wang, president of consultancy▓ Frost & Sullivan Chin a.Southeast Asia and S outh Amer▓ica are notably gra vitational to short vi deo compan▓ie s thanks to a ma ssive young popu lation who are eager to embrace 泉州市5G 土默特右旗wap 莒南县wap 蒙城县wap 德保县wap 东丽区5G 通辽市库伦旗wap 定州市5G 迁西县5G 二连浩特市wap 张家界市5G 高要市wap 宣城市5G 新昌县wap 连云港市5G 永济市wap 保定市wap 比如县5G 胶南市5G 冀州市5G 复古热血传奇私服 热血传奇私服单职业版 盛大传奇私服网站 新开单职业变态传奇私服 传奇私服新开发布基地 传奇私服网站新开网 复古传奇私服网站 电信传奇私服网站大全 热血1.76传奇私服发布 传奇私服新手怎么玩